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instrument lessons

Lessons are usually in 1/2 hour blocks, which work well for most people's schedules and time.  Hour long lessons are available upon request.  Tim has studios at Uptown Music in Keizer, OR, at Troubadour Music in Corvallis, OR, and also teaches virtually.  Call and see what works best for your schedule and learning style!


$30 - 60

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songwriting lessons

An award winning entertainer and songwriter, about 10% of Tim Crosby's students join him each week to work on their songwriting skills.  He is also available for co-writing assistance and session work on your next recording.  Get in touch to talk about how he can assist in helping your music be as good as it sounds in your head!




sheet music

Custom sheet music in notation or tablature for your instrument, written at your level of expertise.  Tim Crosby specializes in those difficult to find traditional pieces in unique tunings such as DADGAD.  For a list of available pieces and to purchase click here!



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